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You can see the Digital Marketing Status of Wellnesshealthsyle.com from the above given link.


Ocat Digital Marketing system generates Online Advertisements, Online Flyer, Online Catalog & Content Marketing Pages  in wellnesshealthlifestyle.com  which will be distributed through Search Engines, Referral Networks, Social Media & Web portal Pages



Flyer link, Banner Advertisement and Number of Visitorscount will be available in this section

It is a known fact that picture speaks thousand words. A picture will be able to portray your services well, and can even help in Online Branding of your business.



This section will display the details about Online advertisements using Ocat DMS . Number of Online advertisements, Visitors for each Advertisements are displayed in this section.

Online advertisements are the main content for Ocat Digital Marketing service. Online advertisements will be distributed through Search Engines, Social Media, Referral Networks & Web Portal(Directory) Pages.



This section will display the number of Content Marketing Pages, Visitors of Content Marketing Pages & Content ,Content Marketing Page Links with visitors count.


Content Marketing Pages  will be the place holder of Online Advertisements generated by DMS. Online advertisements will be categoriesed in Content Marketing Pages. Search engine Optimization will be implemented in Content Marketing Pages.



Catalog Page list, Catalog page Link & Number of Visitors of each catalog Page will be displayed in this section.

Online catalog pages can be used to publish the detailed information about the services and Products. 



This section includes List of Portal Pages, Portal page Links&  Portal Pages Visitors count 

A portal is a website that offers a gateway to information available at other websites.
Web portal is place where consumers can come to find what they need at various other locations online.

Ocat Digital Marketing System offers Web Portal Pages  to distribute Online Advertisements.  Portal pages will help Link building, Branding and Online Reputation Management



Referral Network Section includes Number of Referral Networks, Networks Link & Visitors Count.

'Referral Network' is a group of businesses promoting each other in Ocat Digital Marketing System. Every business can form their own business circle as a Referral Network.



Facebook Page link, Number of Visits, Social media Posts will be Displayed in FB Page.

FB Page section will display the Facebook Page demo. Online advertisements and Catalog pages from Content Hub will be distributed as Facebook Post.




Advertisements Titles is listed in this section. This section is  used as a demonstration of Search engine Listing




Ocat Online Marketing Service
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Ocat Online Marketing Service

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