Ocat is a Digital Marketing System which is used to provide a cost effective  Online Marketing service for your Business. Ocat DMS is used to create Online Marketing Portal of a Business.  Online advertisements of a Marketing portal will be distributed through various business portals, Search engines & Social Media.

Features of Ocat Digital Marketing System

a). Creates Dedicated Marketing Portal of a Business with Unlimited Online Advertisements

b). Online advertisements can be organised in Marketing Pages

c). Online catalog can be created with multiple  Pages

d). Online catalogs, Landing Page, Online advertisements & Marketing pages will be added in a Marketing Portal

e). Easy method for Content marketing

e). Facility to perform SEO

f). Create link based posts on social media

g).Simple system to create new Advertisements 

h).Multi level user permissions

i). Cloud Based system with SSL support


Ocat Online Marketing Service
Adsin Technologies - Authorised Ocat Solution Provider

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