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Industrial Machine Makers in Bengaluru Views : 23720

Industrial Machine Makers in Bengaluru
Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Industrial Machine Makers in Bengaluru is an Engineering Services Company Providing Industrial Automation, Robotics & Services Providing Company.

We are complete of delivering projects & services from conceptualizing to the start of production.

Process automation systems / plant automation Views : 13328

Process automation systems/plant automation are preferred by most of the industry for the easy and smooth function of the plant or process. Automation avoids human intervention, operational inefficiency and unsafe operating conditions. 

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturers in Bangalore Views : 27904

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturers in Bangalore
Reecon Aqua Green Technologies - Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants manufacturers in Bangalore

Recons AEWAR technology is one of the advanced technology for the industrial waste water. Complete re-use of the treated effluent for process application, with AEWAR technology. In this Advanced Electro Wave Recovery process, oils, grease, colour, smell, minerals and total dissolved solids can be reduced from all types of effluents. There is no chemical consumption and the plant operation is fully automatic.

Robotic Automation Machine Manufacturers Views : 22941

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt Ltd - Robots & Automation

Machine-tending robots are often key components used to enable unattended or lights-out machining operations, adding capacity by taking advantage of time that’s currently unused, like nights and weekends.

Fully automatic oxygen gas plants are available of different models from Reecon Aqua Green Technologies PVT. LTD Views : 20491

Fully automatic oxygen gas plants are available of different models suitable to industrial and commercial application. 


PID(proportional–integral–derivative controller) controllers are considered to be the best controller in the control system family. PID system used to control different process variables like pressure, flow, temperature and speed in industrial applications.

Bio CNG Production in Bangalore Views : 24687

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies are the Leading and efficient Biogas Plant Builders in Bengaluru

With latest technology biomass can be used for the production of Bio CNG. Biomass plant capacity of 50TPD of starting capacity is ideal for this. The processed biomass is cleaned and purified to meet the standards of government for supply as Bio CNG. As per the government notification government will purchase the Bio CNG at the present fixed price of Rs.46/kg. The pay back of this project is very attractive.

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