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Online Catalog development and Distribution service

Adsin Technologies is a leading Ocat Solution Provider in India. We offer cost effective Online Marketing through Online Catalog distribution. Ocat Online Marketing platform can be used to create an Online catalog which will be distributed through search Engines, Social media, Content Marketing pages & Referral Network

Ocat Online Marketing Platform can be used to manage Online Catalog development & distribution. 

Online Catalogs have come a long way from the oldest printed versions to the innovative type of online catalogs which are a perfect cost-effective means of providing loads of information to the customers in an attractive form popular in the era of online shopping and e-commerce.


Online Catalog will be distributed through following methods

Content Marketing Pages

Ocat  provides a reliable Content Management system to publish business-oriented articles, products/service oriented features, photos or advertisements. Every article created in this system will be automatically appended with a banner advertisement of your business. These articles can be used for customer support, Social media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Brand Promotion.

Search engine Optimization

Local SEO is a great strategy for small or medium scale businesses and service industries that primarily concentrate marketing in a set of geographic area (locality based marketing). By focusing content on local keywords and intent, you effectively narrow down the competition and increase your reach to your targeted customers. Ocat DMS provides a reliable system to manage Search engine Optimized web pages.

Business Directory

Ocat Online Marketing Platform offers multiple categories oriented web directory pages to promote your products.  Ocat DMS  banner advertisements and listing in all suitable categories of local business directories. SEO optimization will be implemented in all category oriented directory pages to achieve more visibility.

Industry related News & Articles in Social Media

Ocat Online Marketing Platform provides a public content sharing system to post news/articles or any other information. Every post created in this will have a Banner advertisement of your business.  With this system you can post any number of articles in an independent web portal and the same can be distributed over any social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.  This will act as your own online news portal or blog to promote your Business.

Referral networks

Ocat Online Marketing Platform has the provision to make a referral network for your business. Online catalog over referral networks will give more credibility for your online marketing.

Online Catalog with Content Marketing

An Online Catalog is a virtual showroom which showcases a detailed company profile, complete product description, product photographs and much more!.

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content to reach your target audience.

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